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Since the beginning, RED has adopted a policy of innovation with the aim of delivering the best product to the final customer. We believe that the principle of our customer satisfaction is to have high quality sun protection products made of the most advanced materials.

Innovation can arise from a direct demand of our customers, through improvements introduced in the production line or as a response to the needs detected internally as we relate to the market.

Therefore, RED maintains privileged channels of communication with its customers, users, collaborators and the market in general to understand the new trends and demands. From here we define the specification of the new products, their design, prototype and production in small scale. The first finished products go through concept and market tests for a total guarantee of satisfaction in final use.

On the other hand, the constant learning of our employees and the attention dedicated to our suppliers, allows us to introduce innovations in our production process so that our products have each time more quality and reliability.

The innovation team has as main concerns:

  • Adapt the range of products to market demand
  • Increase personalization, important for customer satisfaction
  • Cost reduction
  • Reduction of environmental impact and increase energy savings

Based on these pillars we will continue to innovate more and more to consolidate our leading position in service, quality and good price.

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