Nowadays the architects, designers, owners and users of buildings need durable sun protection solutions that can offer an optimum level of interior comfort, that can limit the energy consumption and, at the same time, that guarantee high quality in materials and performance throughout its useful life

Therefore, at RED CORTINA TÉCNICA SL, we manufacture sun protection products for window and exterior, with a very important focus on quality control of the entire range of products.

From all the pieces and fabrics we use, to the final product, including all the logistics and commercial management, we guarantee maximum satisfaction to our customers. That’s why everything we manufacture is 100% tested before leaving our facilities. In addition, we maintain records of the manufacturing process that allow us a complete traceability, necessary to support the appropriated improvements.

On the other hand, the long experience of our team, complemented by a deep knowledge of the most advanced manufacturing techniques, allows us to have a fast and high quality production in all our production lines.

The fabrics we use comply with the most demanding international standards. The Opaque1 and Screen2 from MERMET® collection, the HEXCELSCREEN® collection and the COPACO® collection comply with the UNE Regulation 13120/2010, which states that “the materials of the products must not emit dangerous substances that exceed the maximum specified levels”. In addition, fabrics are tested according to the European standard EN 14501, showing that they can meet the demanding class 4 of this standard and the threshold value 0.10 of the RT 2012. The fabrics of our products can reject up to 94% of the solar energy for a maximum thermal comfort and to filter up to 97% of visible light for perfect glare control.

In this way, RED CORTINA TÉCNICA SL promotes quality, reliability, global sustainability, environmental health and safety in the use of its products, for total satisfaction of its customers.

Some certifications we offer to our customers::

ENDURIS™ GLASS CORE: The textile fibres manufactured under this standard comply with the most stringent regulations and controls in accordance with European Union and ISO regulations. The products we apply in our roller and vertical blinds are certified for their low impact on air quality, chemical, thermal and optical behaviour, fire resistance and in accordance with construction regulations.
The Enduris ™ Glass Core label is a guarantee of reliability based on independent laboratory accreditations, an additional recognition and performance guarantee for Mermet® and Hexcelscreen® fabrics already registered in the HQE procedure.

IMO (International Maritime Organisation): IMO is the United Nations specialized agency for the safety and security of maritime transport and the prevention of marine pollution. In particular, the regulations with which we comply guarantee the strictest fire protection specifications for the shipbuilding industry. Fire-resistant, the above fabrics fully comply with the most demanding fire safety standards in the world, mainly Europe (Euroclass EN 13501-1 according to assembly EN 13823 and EN 14716), France (NFP 92 503 NF F 16-101), Germany (DIN 4102-1), Great Britain (DIN 4102-1), Italy (UNI 9177), China (GB 50222-95), USA (NFPA 701-99 TM # 1) and Australia (AWTA tested AS 1530 part 2 & 3).

GreeGuard – Indoor air quality (children and school): GreenGuard certification helps manufacturers to produce, and consumers to identify, indoor products and materials that have low chemical emissions, improving air quality. Therefore, Mermet® and Hexcelscreen® fabrics guarantee indoor air quality in regard to Volatile Organic Components – VOCs.

The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is an independent certification for raw materials and processed textile products which guarantees consumer protection against unwanted substances – such as lead – and harmful to the textiles.

Sanitized, more tan clean is a hygienic function that offers, according to individual requirements, a safe and lasting protection of the material against bacteria, blue mould and other aggressive agents. It preserves for a long time, not only the good appearance of the material preventing the formation of unsightly blue mould stains, but also its structure. Therefore, the Screen Nature of the Hexcelscreen® collection is indicated for use in a hospital environment.

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) is a building certification system for sustainability. It is composed of a set of rules on the usage of strategies aiming the sustainability of buildings of all kinds. It is based on the incorporation at project level of aspects related to energy efficiency, use of alternative energies and the improvement of indoor air quality.

REACH EC 1907/2006 (registration, evaluation, authorization of chemicals) is a European Union regulation, approved with the aim of improving the protection of human health and the environment against the risks that may result from chemicals and, at the same time, promote the competitiveness of the chemical industry in the European Union. This regulation also promotes alternative methods for the assessment of the hazards of substances, with a view to reduce the number of animal tests.

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